1. The choice of dishes and equipment.

  Decide on the choice.

You need to understand what exactly you need and in what quantity. For convenience, we have divided the offer into groups (cutlery, bar glass, porcelain, glass ceramics).

2. Coordination.

  Phone call.

If you have any questions about our offer, or it is difficult for you to determine the quantity, or you just need a specialist consultation, call us, we will help you with great pleasure.

  Application for rent.

After you have decided on the date of your event and the required amount of dishes and equipment, fill out and send the standard order form, informing the manager additionally that you want to rent it (not buy it). This will help us to accurately calculate the cost of your order (rental amount, delivery amount and other additional services selected by you), as well as a preliminary booking of equipment and practically eliminates all kinds of misunderstandings, misunderstandings, errors.


After that, we will send an outlay to your email address, which will indicate the cost of each type of service separately, as well as the total amount for all selected services. If you wish, you can make adjustments (change the quantity, add or remove items, change the delivery time, pick-up or return, etc.).

  Signing a contract.

After the final amount of the necessary utensils and equipment, the amount, date and other technical issues are approved, a lease agreement is drawn up.


Prepayment is made in accordance with the terms of the signed contract.

3. Pickup.


By the agreed time on the appointed date, our employee will complete your order. When you arrive, the equipment will be handed over from the landlord to the tenant. It is necessary to check the completed order for the consistency of quantity and quality, and then sign the corresponding act.

4. Return.

  Return of inventory by the lessee independently to the warehouse of the lessor.

At the agreed time and date, our employee will be waiting for you in our warehouse. When you arrive, you must return the inventory from the tenant. Check the returned inventory for compliance with the quantity and quality and sign the corresponding act. If there is damage or loss of inventory, it is necessary to reimburse its cost in accordance with the contract.

5. The cost of rental services.

  The cost of services is shown in the price list.

The minimum rental period is 1 day. When renting for less than a day, the rental price is charged for the whole day. When providing equipment and utensils for rent, the company takes a deposit in the amount of the full cost of the equipment provided. Payment for services is made in the form of 100% of the rent one day before the start of the rental period. The rental price is 15% of the order value per day.

6. Rental rules.

Placement in reserve – assignment to a certain person of a certain list of inventory and dishes for a certain time and date. To reserve the order, the customer must make a reserve contribution of at least 50% of the order’s rent. The reserve fee is paid at least 5 days before the event. After making a reserve deposit, we guarantee the availability of inventory and utensils in the warehouse at the time of order. Responsible person – a person financially responsible for the rental inventory. The responsible person is the person who accepts the inventory from the customer’s side. Checking rental inventory is carried out when it is issued in the presence of a responsible person on the part of the lessee and the lessor’s representative. After completing the inventory check, an acceptance certificate is signed. After signing the acceptance certificate, claims on the quantity and quality of rental inventory from the responsible person are not accepted. After signing the acceptance certificate, the tenant bears full financial and legal responsibility for the safety and integrity of the property transferred for short-term lease. The lessee is obliged to keep all containers and packaging from the leased property (if any), otherwise, the lessee is obliged to pay the cost of the missing inventory and a fine of 10% for each container (box, box). The person in charge on the part of the customer is obliged to be present at the delivery of the inventory. Equipment and utensils are handed over in a form suitable for further use. The lessee is obliged to hand over the property transferred for short-term lease in its pure form and in its packaging (container), otherwise the lessor reserves the right not to take the property back and to consider the subsequent time until the leased property is handed over in proper form, as an extension of the lease term and, accordingly collect the rent from the tenant.